Caterpillar Wellness Exams-Peoria Area

How easy or difficult was it to schedule your appointments?
Were you able to schedule your appointments in a timely manner, that fit your needs?
How much time did the physician spend with you during your exam?
How would you rate your satisfaction with the ...?
TopicsVery dissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeither satisfied or dissatisfiedSatisfiedVery Satisfied
Nurse/Lab tech
Physician/Nurse Practitioner/Physician's Assistant
Which physician did you see?
Which Caterpillar location did you use for your exam? (Examples: Peoria AB, Morton, Mossville AC, LC)?
During your exam, how satisfied were you with the following?
TopicsVery dissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeither satisfied or dissatisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
Thorough exam performed (undressed/gowned, hands-on exam, basic instruments used)
Questions addressed appropriately
Review of health history, family history and labwork
Recommendations provided based on exam
During your most recent visit, was a follow up visit or referral recommended with another healthcare provider to address a health concern?
Did you find the exam to be beneficial?
How likely is it that you would recommend the exam program to a colleague?
Please provide any additional feedback or comments about the wellness exam program. Thank you for completing the survey!
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