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Caterpillar Post Tour Survey - Tech Center Test

Thank you for visiting Caterpillar's Technical Center, Mossville, IL.  Your valuable feedback allows us to continually improve your tour experience. This survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Who was your Tour Guide?
Please review and answer the following statement that best describes your experience.
TopicsAgreeDisagreeDoes not Apply
The tour guide made me feel welcomed upon arrival. 
The tour guide was attentive to my needs
My tour guide offered to extend the tour experience into other facilities.
My tour guide's explanation(s) were easy to understand.
My tour guide was informative. 
There was a strong emphasis on safety during the tour.
There was a strong emphasis on quality during the tour
The tour helped to improve my knowledge of Cat technology, products and services.
The facility was clean and orderly.
The length of the tour was just right. 
I would recommend the tour.
Which description best describes you?
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